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Dragon Age: Inquisition wins Game of the Year

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences at the 18th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards in Las Vegas has declared BioWare's Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year in 2014. The win came as a surprise to some, as many thought Monolith's Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mo... Read More...
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Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords Review

Alright so strictly speaking things didn't exactly go well for our heroes last time.  A few misplaced words and suddenly everyone's all swords and axes and everyone is out for blood.  As is traditional with Game of Thrones, a series that has to have a body cou... Read More...
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Sega Teases Sonic's Next Game

Shortly after Sega's announcement about cutting size to focus on smartphone gaming, they teased their new game Sonic Runners. Sonic Runners is a 2D running platformer, in which Sonic is constantly running ... Read More...
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Sega Slashes Jobs

Sega announced that it will be reducing its workforce significantly, by 300 jobs to be exact. Allegedly Sega is doing this to refocus on digital PC and mobile gaming. Luckily, Sega isn't just cutting these ... Read More...
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Minecon is heading to London this summer

  If you're a fan of Minecraft and you like being around people who like Minecraft, then Minecon might just be for you. The Mojang website has just recently announced that this year's Minecraft convention will be held in London, July 4-5. Tickets are to... Read More...

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