Yesterday, we reported that Bungie’s Urk had revealed during a Twitch stream the existence of an undiscovered Chest in Destiny‘s Vault of Glass Raid. During said stream, the present members of Bungie were asked if there were any more Chests in the Vault of Glass, to which Urk clearly replied “Yes. The answer is yes”. Since the story broke, Urk has taken to the internet to quell conspiracy theories surrounding this mystery Chest, stating that he had misheard the question.

Commenting on a Reddit mega-thread regarding the stream, Urk stated that he had misheard the question, and was instead answering a question that didn’t technically exist.

“To be clear, the question I heard (or thought I’d heard) was NOT ‘Is there another chest in Vault of Glass?'”

Redditors were wary of his initial defence, stating that the answer in the stream was very direct and hastily delivered, which would imply information of a sensitive nature – perhaps of an upcoming update, or something already in the game. Urk offered further clarification:

“Nothing that nefarious. We misheard the next question as “sword glitch” instead of “sword bridge.” Lots of people talking, music going, etc.

Through all of that, my brain turned the question into something along the lines of, ‘Is there a reason to return to the Vault of Glass?'”

Take from this what you will, but there are three possible scenarios at play here. One, there still is a hidden Chest Bungie weren’t supposed to discuss; two, they’ll be adding new reasons to return to the Vault of Glass following the House of Wolves expansion; or three, he simply misheard the question and answered it as hastily as he could.

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