With Obamacare’s deadline of February 15th, the government turns to an interesting proponent, pro gamers. This video recently reached the surface, featuring a handful of pro gamers speaking on behalf of The Affordable Care Act.

Over the last decade, eSports players, commentators, tournaments, and online streaming services have gained a following that rivals many traditional sports, including more than 31 million eSports fans in the United States alone.

Today, a group of eSports industry leaders (ESL,, and GEER) have collaborated to launch an effort encouraging gaming audiences to visit and sign up for an affordable health plan before the February 15 deadline.

Their unprecedented effort to reach this important and growing audience stems from the fact that nearly one in four young Americans does not have health insurance — which is a risk not worth taking.

Said the White House in a recent blog post.

Given the rise of eSports, I doubt this will be the last we hear on the subject. How do you feel about the government reaching out to gamers? Let us know!

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