The newest episode of Conan O’Brien’s favorite (least favorite) segment Clueless Gamer hit YouTube! This time he’s getting a sneak peek of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Aaron Blair is ready with backseat driving and too much lore to handle.

The segment kicks off with Conan making the fatal mistake of agreeing to be told the game’s back story. The Witcher is a dense series, and it isn’t long before he simply declares himself Emperor of Milfgard and hits the start button.

You should check out the whole video for your comedy fix. Not to mention plenty of Witcher gameplay. If the headline is what got you here, though, feel free to skip to 9:20.

You can check out the backlog of Clueless Gamer episodes on the Team Coco YouTube channel. While you’re there, check out the Gamespresso channel for plenty of Let’s Plays, gamplay, trailers and more!


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