Jar Jar Binks is known as the Star Wars franchise most hated character. Part of the first trilogy (chronologically) Jar Jar Binks is seen in episode I, II, and III. The Phantom Menace often regards Palpatine to be said Menace, but Reddit user Lumpawarroo has something else to say about the matter.

Jar Jar Binks is the Phantom Menace. The entire theory can be found here, and is too much to cover in one article. But the run down is this.

Jar Jar Binks is a skilled warrior. We can establish this by looking at Zui Quan, otherwise known as Drunken Master style. The martial art style is known for making those using it look like, well, druken fighters(hence the nick name). Jar Jar Binks also does a 20 foot twisting somersault in the movies, further proving that he had some sort of force connection. We have to remember that people in the Star Wars universe cannot normally perform feats such as this when they don’t have a force connection.

Jar Jar Binks was also above Palpatine, according to the theory. He was essentially the ultimate Sith Lord. What does this Theory mean? that Jar Jar Binks is going to be in Episode VIII. Or at least, in the next trilogy. If Disney actually had the stones to finish off what they started.

This theory has created a Reddit, a Website, and several memes.

And, to top it all off, the Twitter account for the actor of Jar Jar Binks has sent out two tweets regarding everything that has taken place over the past few days.






You can also find a fan made trailer called The Binks Awakens here.

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