It’s another new week, and that means another Destiny Weekly Reset. With it, there comes new  Weekly Heroic and Nightfall strikes and Prison of Elders challenges. Are you ready?

For the Weekly Heroic strike, you’ll be traveling to Venus to defeat Sekrion, the Vex Mind in “The Nexus” strike. The modifiers include Heroic and Grounded, so try not to Blink or float too much.

In the Nightfall, you’ll be facing Omnigul and the Hive on Earth once again. This week, the Epic, Nightfall, Angry, Juggler, and Void Burn modifiers are active – the enemies don’t stagger, and you’ll have to switch weapons a lot, so you and your fireteam may be taking a short trip on the struggle bus if you aren’t coordinated. Mics are always great if you’ve got one!

For the level 32 Prison of Elders, you’ll be facing the Hive ogre Gulrot, Unclean in the final round. Moving up to the final round of the level 34 PoE will bring you to the Cabal’s arena to face Valus Trau’ug. If you plan on doing the level 35 PoE, Skolas got a few changes you might want to know about.

There are a few tough challenges this week, but nothing you and your favorite weapon can’t handle – grab a fireteam and put ’em all in their place. For more Destiny news and updates, keep it here at Gamespresso!

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