Destiny‘s Prison of Elders arena is now quite famous for being one of the most difficult modes in the game, along with its final boss Skolas.

The difficulty can be seen after Bungie had confirmed that at the time of posting,  “378,511 Fireteams have exacted their final victory over Skolas. Many others have tried and failed, and failed, and failed again – only to be sent topside, empty handed.” Failed and failed and failed again is no joke, numerous guides, videos and walkthroughs have also cropped up to help gamers tackle the problem of a tough Skolas since the new DLC was released.

After complaints of the final boss being too punishing, to the point of being unfair, Bungie have responded in the form of a new patch to tone down the difficulty, levelling the playing field for those that have been bashing their head against the wall since the Prison of Elders was released.

The update will tweak a few things to keep the boss challenging, but to make it more predictable to players:

  • “New Modifier combinations (Arc, Void, and Solar Burn will be removed)
  • Boss health is reduced (to compensate for the lack of burn)
  • Minions will spawn at predictable health intervals
  • Minor adjustment to the unit makeup of the combatant waves

Destiny will appear at E3, though it is unclear just what Bungie has in mind for new content. Bungie teased earlier “You might have seen mention of Bungie this or Destiny that on E3 schedules. We’ll have some things to tease. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”. A possible expansion was leaked as well called “The Taken King” which should contain a new raid as well as several strikes and subclasses to sink your teeth into.

Sources:, Gamespot, IGN.

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