In these past couple of years, Nintendo has really been taking on a lot of new projects.  First with the development of the amiibo, then with making mobile games, and now with a partnership with Universal Parks.

In a recent Q&A during Nintendo’s financial briefing, Iwata admitted that he was quite “surprised” by the “extremely detailed” plans made by Universal.  Iwata immediately met with Miyamoto upon his return to begin discussing the topic.  Nintendo producers and Universal engineers have met multiple times already to discuss Nintendo themed attractions –finally Bidoof’s Log Flume Adventure can be real!

Iwata also discussed that the company might begin to dabble in “films and video content.”  He unfortunately didn’t go into any more detail on this matter.

This Q&A has revealed quite a bit about the potential future for Nintendo.  Perhaps now fans will see some of their favorite video game characters on the big screen and in theme parks across the globe.  I know one thing is for certain:  I’ll be waiting to see that Bidoof log flume ride!

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