Heroes of the Storm’s new [free] expansion hits June 30th. The expansion, titled Eternal Conflict, centers around the Diablo universe – which is good news for the game, as most characters are currently Warcraft.

The event, which kicks off with a new map(Battle of Eternity), and a new character, The Butcher, has already hit the Public Test Realms – or PTR. For those interested in accessing the PTR, just before you go to launch Heroes of the Storm, click the drop down menu above the giant play button – it’ll allow you to select Public Test Realm. Install the client and you’re good to go try out the new map. (Butcher isn’t available on the PTR, and most likely won’t be added until June 30th.)

But, there are a few things you should know about the PTR first.
The PTR works as a separate set of servers intended for trying out the new content. Unlocked Heroes, skins, etc, are all brought over. Gold, however, is not accessible on the servers. Any progress made on Heroes of the Storms PTR does not transfer back over to the main servers.

Although your various levels are not brought over, the same set of heroes are on rotation – so no jumping over to try out the Lost Vikings.

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