Last year at E3 2014, Nintendo announced Super Mario Maker. A game where the player could let their imagination run wild as they make their very own Mario level on their Wii U.

Shigeru Miyamoto said that the game would be somewhat  similar to his creative process for the first Mario game.

“When we were working on the original – first – NES Mario game 30 years ago, every level we had to first draw on paper before we put it into the game, and it was a big process. But with Mario Maker it’s a game where you can design a level, and as you design it, you can jump in and play it, and try it out.”

It was said that amiibo would work on the game. For example, if you use your Wii Fit Trainer amiibo, Mario will turn into that amiibo on the game.

The will launch September 11, 2015. Be sure to get it if you want to make your own Mario level!

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