Just two days after Bungie revealed that it was selling a pack of three emotes and in-game items for $20 in Destiny, Digital Extremes , the developers behind Warframe, have added four emotes for free.

Warframe, a free-to-play shooter that was ported from PC to Playstation 4 in late 2013,  has been receiving lots of free content to keep its community alive, and now players can express themselves in four new ways: clapping, shrugging, and performing two types of martial arts stances: the Eclipse Narta and the Fathom Narta

The timing is suspiciously close to Bungie’s three emote pack, which was previously exclusive as a bonus for those that bought the collector’s edition of Destiny’s upcoming expansion pack, The Taken King. This pack includes the base game, the first two expansions, and the new content, however in response to criticism from fans, Bungie decided to make this content purchasable as a separate purchase.

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