The Witcher 3’s penultimate free DLC arrives this week in the form of a new set of finisher animations for Geralt.

This array of new finishers brings more visceral brutality and stylish dismemberment to The Witcher 3, which should go nicely with the improved movement system introduced in patch 1.07.

With the 16th and final free DLC offering coming soon, CDProjektRED have started to hint at what we can expect the upcoming paid expansions. The young red haired lady featured in Heart of Stone’s art (below) bares a strong resemblance to Shani from the original Witcher.

It seem likely that Shani will return as she was referenced during the main game, and CDProjektRED have hinted that the 10 hour DLC will see the return characters “both new and dearly missed”.


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