Destiny’s latest expansion, The Taken King, releases this September. Alongside the release of The Taken King, a limited edition PlayStation 4 system designed after the expansion will be released. The system is now up to preorder.

The $400 PlayStation 4 bundle comes with a special edition white console and matching white controller (seen below). Along with the system, you receive a physical copy of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition, as well as a code for an upgrade to the digital collector’s edition. The system comes with a 500GB hard drive, rather than the 1 TB drive that Sony recently introduced.

This limited edition Destiny PlayStation 4 is available for preorder at GameStop and Amazon. Best Buy has a page for the bundle up, though it does not seem to be taking preorders just yet.


Destiny: The Taken King releases on September 15th. The limited edition PlayStation 4 bundle releases on the same day. The Taken King is the largest Destiny expansion yet, and will cost $40 on its own. Bungie describes The Taken King more as a game than DLC, as the expansion includes new story missions, Crucible maps, and more.

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