Valve recently confirmed its launch plans for the Vive virtual reality headset that it has been developing in partnership with HTC. As they had previously indicated, the first Vive units will be available later this year. Though the company made it clear it would be a very “limited quantity” at this time. Valve says a wide launch of the headset will be in Q1 2016. There is still no word on the retail price of the headset.

A development version of the Vive headset has been available for free since May. Valve and HTC have received “over 10,000” requests for the development sets so far. How many of these were actually delivered, we don’t know, but Valve claims to have more than 80 VR games and experiences being worked on for the Vive.

Valve and HTC have had the Vive on a tour around the world, which concludes with Berlin, Germany and then Paris Games Week in Paris, France in the coming months. Demos available include a Portal experience and new games Final Approach and Fantastic Contraption. Let us know in the comments which VR headset you’re looking forward to the most (Vive, Oculus, Morpheus)!

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