The Dark Souls series has gained a reputation for being incredibly difficult. Despite this, a speedrunner has recently completed Dark Souls III in under 2 hours.

Speedrunner Jung Ho Min has set a record of 01:42:10 for an any-percent completion of Dark Souls III. For those who do not know, an any-percent record only requires the player to beat the game, and does not require them to reach a certain percentage of completion. This usually involves finding ways to skip chunks of the game in order to speed through. Dark Souls III has not released worldwide yet, so we can expect to see faster play completions after the title releases.

You can see Min’s entire run below. Just know, however, that there will be spoilers.

Dark Souls III is available in Japan, and will release worldwide on April 12th. The game will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The title is the fourth entry in the Souls series.

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