During Microsoft’s Gamescom briefing on the 4th of August, they announced the upcoming Free TV DVR feature, and the Chatpad accessory coming for the Xbox One.

The Chatpad, which looks very similar to the Xbox 360’s Chatpad, will be launching in 2016. The ability to have a full (albeit small) QWERTY keyboard at your fingertips is useful for searching the store, or firing off messages to one of your Xbox Live friends.


The Xbox DVR rumours have been circulating the internet since May. Since the console allows users to watch Live TV, you’ll soon be able to record those programs as well. The function will be compatible with Windows 10, as well as the Xbox App Smartglass.

Although the Xbox One’s storage is limited (1TB is currently the largest size) you can purchase external hard drives for relatively low prices. Currently the best pricing is the 4TB Western Digital external hard drive for $180.

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