The Xbox One Preview Programme, the function that lets a limited number of select players test out Xbox One features early, is becoming more restricted by Microsoft.

The Preview Programme lets Xbox One users test upcoming features early, such as the Backwards Compatibility function that was recently announced at Microsoft’s E3 conference in June, before the feature is released to all players in November.

However now Microsoft is scaling back on the number of invites they’re sending out to players to join the Preview Programme, due to the feature nearing full capacity. The invite from Microsoft is the only way to gain access to the limited event.

“Due to the tremendous response from our fans, the Xbox Preview Programme has reached a near-capacity level” a representative of Microsoft speaking on behalf of the company announced today. “With that in mind, we are slowing the number of new people we are accepting to optimise for testing.”

“We are thankful for the amount of interest we’ve received to date and look forward to sharing more details on preview opportunities soon” Microsoft concluded.

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