The experiences of one game designer working on Kingdom Hearts 3 has leaked out his involvement with the game. According to the person’s LinkedIn profile, the game designer had been working on Kingdom Hearts 3 and a never before heard of title called ‘Kingdom Hearts 2.9’ that will be released on PS3 and PS4. This game could very well be yet another bridge side-game that is suppose to ease in the previous games to Kingdom Hearts 3. Ridiculous naming conventions aside, the game looks to contain the ‘attraction flow’ feature that is introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3 which would mean that 2.9 will have a more direct relation to Kingdom Hearts 3.



Apart from the reveal of another title for the Kingdom Hearts series, there are several new features for Kingdom Hearts 3 that were revealed. As noted above, it would appear that Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a multiplayer functionality in some form. Whether that will mean a special mode or if it’s just a tacked on multiplayer feature remains unknown. There is also the part about “Holding meetings with Disney and Pixar”. While being owned by Disney, Pixar had yet to have a world be properly implemented in the franchise. This would be a series first if this ends up being truth.Finally there’s some confirmations such as the return of the Gummi Ship system and it looks like there will be some changes from the past iteration since it’s being planned and documented from scratch.

There are a plethora of worlds that Disney could offer on a platter to Kingdom Hearts and if it’s ever confirmed that Pixar will definitely be making an appearance in the game, then expect fans around the world to cheer in victory as they dream of that coveted Toy Story world or Monsters, Inc. I know I’ll keep hoping for an amazing The Incredibles world. What other worlds are you excited to see to make their debut in the series? Let us know below!

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