According to Reddit user kch020, Rexxar has over 14 bugs that have been found since release. These aren’t imbalances in the game, these are issues that break Rexxar’s abilities and can have a huge impact on the team that Rexxar is on. A large majority of these issues were already known, but kch020 was kind enough to compile them into a list with sources.

Some of the links (which are marked at the end) will try and take you to Korea’s Heroes of the Storm community website, Inven. This website is blocked in some areas, so you may not be able to see the source for the bug.

However the bugs are real, and are issues that will hopefully be fixed in tomorrows patch.

Cosmetic issues:
  • When Misha first comes to the Nexus, she has animations. When she is revived she simply appears.
  • If you use Rexxar’s third skin tint, sometimes Misha appears with the second tint colour.

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