Bethesda have today revealed a special Fallout version of the classic Monopoly board game, which is currently set for release this November.

The game was first revealed via Instagram earlier today, when a journalist for Shacknews published a photo of the board game’s contents box. When a user asked the manufacturer of the game, USAopoly, for a release date, the response given by the company was “this November only at Gamestop.”


After this initial reveal on Instagram, the Fallout 4 Twitter account also then formerly announced the board game, posting the photo above and writing “When Fallout 4 monopolizes family time, you can always bust this out.” It is still unknown whether other regions will be able to purchase the Fallout edition of Monopoly.

Monopoly is a classic real-estate board game, giving a number of players money to start with, and then making them choose which properties they would like to purchase, as they each go around the board. Assassin’s Creed, World of Warcraft and the Legend of Zelda are previous game franchises to have been adapted for Monopoly.

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