The indie title Raging Justice took to the Xbox Stage at EGX.  The Streets of Rage inspired game was displayed to the crowds at the event on today.

Makin Studios Nick Makin showed his creation to the public on stage, describing it as his labour of love to the 90s brawlers that he’d grown up with.

“Raging Justice is side scrolling brawler, classically styled rather than retro and definitely inspired by the late 80s early 90s arcade games.” He explained at the game’s booth in the Rezzed section of the convention.

He added that the arcade titles were more of an inspiration, rather than the console ports.

“The time of the gaming arcade is the era that I’ve got a fond memory of and I wanted to bring the gameplay I remember from that era to the modern games.  It’s a modern game with a nostalgic feeling for gamers like me.”

The game features two cops, Rick Justice and Nikki Rage, taking to the streets and delivering their brand of justice to the criminals of the city.

While the game takes inspiration from titles like Streets of Rage it also adds new mechanics.  The ability to “arrest” enemies on screen adds an extra morality mechanic, though it’s still fun to beat up every thug in the area with your own brand of justice.

Raging Justice is set to be released on Windows PC, Mac and Xbox One.

The hopeful release date for the title is Q1 2016, though Makin said he wants it out as soon as possible.

Are you a fan of the side scrolling brawlers?  Is this genre ready for resurgence?  Let us know in the comments below.

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