Since its launch, Destiny has catered to supplying content for players on both the current-generation and the last-gen hardware.

Until now, that is.

After Bungie recently confirmed that Destiny’s next major expansion would only be playable on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game when it arrives this September, the company has now revealed that after August 2016, all future content will only be released for current generation hardware.

This means that if you’re playing Destiny on a legacy console (aka, the PS3 or 360) you will lose access to new Trials of Osiris, the Iron Banner and all future live events.

“Our goal is always to bring every player from this awesome community along for the ride as we continue the story of Destiny, but we will also continue to support players who elect not to upgrade their console hardware,” Bungie wrote, sharing a host of helpful information to convert players over to new hardware if they choose to purchase it.

Players who remain on the legacy consoles will also no longer be able to purchase silver, access new Eververse item purchases across console generations and will lose some Destiny Companion features on the Mobile App and

You can read more information about the transition here.

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