Destiny’s new emotes launch tomorrow, and Bungie has sent out the content to YouTubers early.

The free promotion isn’t anything new to those influential in the communities, often times companies will send content ahead to get promoted by the most watched YouTubers.

Bungie sent out 5 to the YouTuber Arekzz Gaming, and you can take a look at his preview video here. Reddit has compiled a list of all the emotes here as well, so you can take a look at everything that has yet to come.

One, by far, has taken the internet by storm like no other emote ever will. From The Cosby Show, The Carlton dance.




All of the emotes will be available for silver, a currency available for real money. These micro transactions will only ever be for cosmetic things, such as the emotes being released tomorrow. Guns and armour will not be available for silver.

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