We’ve all seen this before. A lonely dog, laying in what looks like a homeless man’s abandoned abode, rain and wind saturating the screen. A car passes by, and a stream of water is splashed onto the dog. Another dog living in a ratty garage is being beaten by its owner. Then the song. Well thanks to Kevin Cancienne, you’ll be able to live as that missed dog!

Home Free is a procedurally generated game where you play as a dog who’s lost his way home. Along the way of finding home you’ll have to beg for food, forage for food in garbage bins, and steal from other dogs. With a dozen different breeds of dog to play as, as well as a city that changes with every playthrough, Home Free seems like it will be an awesome addition to anyone’s game library in Fall 2016.

The best part about it? The game’s already been Kickstarted, and within five days received 100% funding. Don’t let that stop you from giving into the funds. After the goals were me, Cancienne was quick to add some interesting stretch goals like cat AI, new areas to explore, and even new dog breeds to play as. Still not convinced that Home Free is right for you? Check out the trailer below!

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