Turtle Rock and 2K Games have announced their newest DLC monster for Evolve, Gorgon. Gorgon is a “sly and hideous killer who enjoys watching her prey struggle.” She slings webs to try and capture her foes and then has sharp teeth and long arms to help destroy her foes.

Gorgon will be available for $10 individually, but if you bought the $25 Evolve Hunting Season Two Pass you will receive her as part of the bundle. Gorgon will be available for purchase and download on November 3rd.

Evolve was originally released on February 10th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It is a first-person shooter that pins a group of four hunters against a monster. For those of you who want a complete version of Evolve, with all the released DLC included, an “Ultimate Edition” will release in November.

Check out Gorgon in action below:

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