YouTube recently announced their new subscription service, YouTube Red, which promises to bring certain features including ad-free service and offline play on top of original series, but according to one YouTube user and Destructoid writer, it has also brought more copyright issues.

YouTube has had its share of issues in the past with copyright claims, especially within the last few years with the advent of Twitch. Many users complained that their videos were being silenced and even taken offline due to copyright disputes, some valid and others not so much. According to Jed Whitaker from Destructoid, this is happening again only on videos that have already had content ID matches which means the game publishers have already been making money off of the videos, not the video publisher.

So where is the issue? Jed points out it is directly related to YouTube Red.

According to a YouTube notice:

“The overwhelming majority of videos on YouTube are accounted for in our agreements, but there are some partners who have asked for more time to think about their options. While we work with these partners to update their terms, we unfortunately can’t make their claimed videos available in the US.”

So, it looks like until things are ironed out with all the publishers for how they want to handle their content on YouTube, some videos will not be able to be published in the United States.

Let’s hope there will be a quick resolution to this.

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