Through a brand partnership between Capcom’s Monster Hunter and Toyota, a new commercial uses the video game series to get you excited to purchase a Toyota.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter is widely popular series in Japan. It is the focus of a new commercial with Toyota and their Toyota X-Urban. The commercial features many Monster Hunter references such as the music, creatures, and different settings. The licenses plates on the Toyota cars are even a reference to Monster Hunter. The video for the commercial is located below.

Capcom posted about this commercial on its blog. Interestingly enough, this is not Toyota’s first car commercial to feature a JRPG. In the past, Toyota partnered with the company, Square Enix, to create a commercial using the video game, Dragon Quest. The Monster Hunter series made their debuted in 2004.  Over the years, it has become a popular and successful series. As of 2015, Capcom had shipped some 33 million copies of the games.  Monster Hunter is one of the most successful video game lines for Capcom.

Monster Hunter has a number of games with upcoming releases which include: Monster Hunter X and Monster Hunter Stories. Monster Hunter X is set to be released on November 28 in Japan. The Monster Hunter Stories is set to launch in 2016 in Japan.

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