Video game Easter eggs are arguably much better than actual Easter eggs. They always take you by surprise and don’t smell if you fail to find one for a few weeks. Some make references to classic movie titles, while others make references to other video games made by the same studio. Some, like Bioware’s Easter eggs in Mass Effect and Dragon Age, have convinced people that the two games are actually within the same universe, fueling controversy and debate for months and years to come.

A Steam user named Ricochet227 has released the set of pictures seen below. Two of them are of a woman in a white and gold dress, while the other is a woman in a black and blue dress, with both dresses being quite reminiscent of the dress that kept the Internet arguing for days. He found both women on a roof in a place called Citate Di Rivello.

Thankfully, another Steam user named AliceTheGorgon posted a picture that showed that the dresses are actually different colors in the game, but don’t let that stop you from debating on the original dress’s color.

Avalanche Studios has assured us that there are plenty more Easter eggs to find on the island of Medici. A patch for the game is said to release soon that will help with stability and load times. Check out our review of Just Cause 3 as well to see how Avalanche Studio’s second sequel of the series holds up.

just cause 3 dress easter egg

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