With just two years under its belt, people are still discovering new and interesting features within the Grand Theft Auto V world. Random players have discovered a neat little trick with the player’s phone when a certain number is put in. When the number 1-999-367-3767 is dialed, the phone disappears, an explosion in the sky occurs and when the phone pops back up, the phone changes color to green.

The number dialed, when translated is 1-999-EMP-DROP. Whatever bearing this ‘code’ is is still a mystery. In any case, this new trick has started a great deal of discussion and exploration from players in order to locate and be the first person to figure out a brand new little trick or secret.

Rockstar Games has always been a fan of adding little secrets like these and even codes that enable different little features such as cheats and the like. Fortunately, twitter used KarmaIngram1 was the inquisitive fellow who figured this one out. Above is a video of the secret by Kotaku.

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