Virtual Reality is the big new thing often talked about in the video game community. Microsoft’s HoloLens, while different from other VR devices, is the companies take on the new found technology. Since the tech is so new and exciting, ideas can be hard to come by, and that is why they asked for some help. Unfortunately, they can’t always take it.

One of the most popular suggestions as part of the Share Your Idea program from Microsoft was to use the HoloLens for League of Legends. Playing on a table, much like the Minecraft presentation at E3, would allow the players to see the entire map while also paying attention to the actions of their champion. This idea, however, was forced to be rejected due to legality issues. “We cannot build a project which is based on existing intellectual property,” a representative said.

Perhaps one day in the future, Riot and Microsoft can come to some sort of agreement and get this idea up and running. Until then, someone out there will just have to come up with an even better idea for the HoloLens.