What happens when you give players a massive sci-fi universe in which to build whatever they want, wherever they want? Novaquark hopes to find out just that with their new, massively ambitious MMORPG, Dual Universe.

Officially revealed today with the screenshots you can find below, Dual Universe is a sandbox sci-fi MMO. More than that however, Novaquark is planning to give players an unprecedented amount of control. Every building can be built or torn down, every bit of the landscape can be mined and terraformed, and procedurally generated planets promise to always give players more to discover.

Like EVE: Online, Dual Universe is based on every player inhabiting the same world, without server separations or instancing. A “continuous single-shard universe,” with the ability to mine, scavenge, craft, and build anything, Novaquark refers to it as the first “boundless MMO.”

“As player’s ambitions grow and the materials required become more obtainable, cities and building will be built… Then come the creation of ships and space stations!” the developer teases.

“But you can also build far bigger, multiplayer ships… to the point where you can build really huge behemoths! This is something that has never been done in any builder game that we know of, especially not in a continuous single-shard MMO.” The screenshots show everything from those smaller ships, to the larger ones, and even what Novaquark says is a 1.5km space station. Most impressively, everything is also inhabitable. Playing in first person, gamers can walk around inside the ships and stations, each one capable of holding multiple players.

Dual Universe is still in its early stages of development, with the first playable version planned for release sometime in 2017. Already however, the promise alone is enough to get excited about.

What do you think of the first screens? Would you like to build a universe? Let us know in the comments.