The Dungeons and Dragons world is vast and fantastic. From tabletop games, to movies, and video games there is so much lore to discover. One of the best ways to travel through the D&D world is in the MMO Neverwinter. If you’re a PS4 owner, you’ll finally get your chance this summer.

It was revealed by Perfect World that the acclaimed Dungeons and Dragons MMO, Neverwinter, would be coming to PS4 as requested by so many. All nine of its expansions will already be fully equipped into your game at download, and more is said to come. It seems safe to assume that this will include Storm King’s Thunder expansion, which will be coming to the PC version in August, and to Xbox One and PS4 some time later. The best about all of this, is that the game will not require a PlayStation Plus membership to play. It will be completely free all on its own.

No exact release date was given for Neverwinter to arrive on PS4, but it should be sometime this summer. Stay tuned in to Gamespresso for more information as it arrives.

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