Hot on the heels of The Walking Dead: Michonne and the continuing Minecraft: Story Mode, it looks like Telltale’s next games are closer than we thought. Telltale’s Batman series will premiere this summer, followed by The Walking Dead Season 3 this fall.

Posting on Twitter, Telltale Games Head of Creative Communications Job Stauffer shared the news:

It’s important to note the Tweet is only referring to the premieres of each series. Only time will tell how long the break will be between each episode.

Announced at last year’s Game Awards, we have since learned the Batman game will focus on Bruce Wayne as much as on the Caped Crusader, decisions affecting both sides of Bruce’s life. Beyond that, and that the game won’t see the extended ‘bat-family’ of sidekicks, Telltale has remained tightlipped about the game. Look to learn more at E3 next week.

Likewise, we still know very little about The Walking Dead Season 3. Creator Robert Kirkman teased Season 3 might jump a couple years ahead, finding Clementine a bit more grown up.

Telltale’s latest, the sixth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode is due out tomorrow, June 7. Are you excited for Batman and the next chapter of The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments.

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