A handful of bugs have popped up in The Division after the most recent update, but Ubisoft assures fans they are looking into it. The developer has announced that they will be releasing a patch to address problems introduced to the game following the recent release of the game’s 1.3 update.

Some of these issues include certain enemies not showing up on the pulse scan, certain talents slots on some weapons not functioning as intended, the base damage on the G36 being too high, as well as respawn issues with the game’s new endgame Incursion, the Dragon’s Nest. They will also address a number of server issues that exist in the game.

These issues were discussed on Ubisoft’s State of the Game broadcast on Twitch. There was no announcement of when exactly they would be patched, but Ubisoft assures players that they will keep them up to date on when the fixes goes live.

The 1.3 patch has finally released for PlayStation 4 this week. This version of the patch was delayed by Ubisoft at the end of last month. Along with the release of the PS4 patch, Ubisoft released a batch of 30th anniversary outfits for The Division. These outfits are free to all players on all platforms and includes outfits inspired by other games developed by Ubisoft such as Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and Rainbow Six.

For more information about the 1.3 patch for The Division, you can visit the game’s website for the full patch notes.

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