Ubisoft’s turned 30 years old this year, and with that comes a bit of self-indulging from the publishing company. To kick off the celebration, Ubisoft has added some costumes to The Division that might seem familiar to those that are a fan of some of Ubisoft’s games.

Costumes from Rainbow Six Siege, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands will become available soon. Ubisoft revealed this information during the company’s E3 conference this year.

These outfits will become available to those that have pre-ordered The Division’s Underground DLC. The content pack will release on June 28th for the Xbox One and PC. It releases somewhat later on the PS4 on August 2nd.

The Division seems to be a bit delayed on the PS4, despite Sony typically receiving third-party content from publishers either exclusively or early. The latest patch for The Division is already delayed on the PS4.

The game might also just be having some issues with the PS4 in general. It wouldn’t be a surprise being that the title has had constant issues with bugs and glitches since day one, something that’s plagued the title for it’s first few months of release. For the most part, currently, The Division has cut down on its number of bugs.

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