The Pokemon Company is planning to announce new information regarding Pokemon Sun and Moon on August 1, according to Siliconera.

As of yet, no details of what may be announced are available. We may be getting a glimpse at more new Pokemon, new information on the region Alola itself, more in-game footage or something else entirely. Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company already revealed six new Pokemon, the ability to “Hyper Train” Pokemon at Level 100 and a new Pokemon Global Link, which hosts battles that resemble competitive matchmaking.

So far, twenty-nine Pokemon have been revealed so far, naturally beginning with Pokemon Sun and Moon’s starters. There are also eighteen original non-legendary, non-starters confirmed as of now, in addition to new forms for Zygard and a new legendary, Magearna. And of course, the developer revealed Pokemon Sun and Moon’s respective mascots, Solgaleo and Lunala, back in June.

The game’s new region is Alola, the tropical island paradise. Alola is based on Hawaii, following the trend of Poke-regions being based on real-world locations. In fact, the newly revealed Pokemon Yungoos is a direct reference to the problem of Mongoose overpopulation across the Hawaiian islands. Whether or not Hawaii’s ecological issues will be reflected in Pokemon Sun and Moon is anyone’s guess, although during E3 the developers did state that the games were focused on the idea of life.

With the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon only months away, it’s likely that a lot of information about the game is soon to come. Be sure to check Gamespresso for more information on August 1.

Pokemon Sun and Moon releases on November 18th for the 3DS.

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