A new trailer has been released for Pokemon Sun and Moon, revealing six new Pokemon along with new features that will be in the upcoming 3DS title.

Bounsweet is a Grass-type with the abilities Leaf Guard and Oblivious. Bewear is a Normal/Fighting type, and can have the abilities Fluffy and Klutz. Comfey is a Fairy-type with the abilities Flower Veil and Triage. Mudsdale is a Ground-type Pokemon that can have the Own Tempo and Stamina abilities. Mimikyu is a Fairy/Ghost type, and can have the ability Disguise. Finally, there is Wimpod, a Bug/Water type that has the ability Wimp Out. You can check these Pokemon out in the trailer below.

The trailer also revealed two new features coming to Sun and Moon. The first is the Pokemon Global Link that will allow players to set up their own Friendly Competitions. Online Competitions will be the equivalent of ranked matchmaking, challenging players to battle for the best ranking.

The second feature is Hyper Training, which allows players to improve the stats of their Pokemon who have already reach level 100. Hyper Training will be performed by a man named Mr. Hyper, who will do it in return for bottle caps.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will release on November 18th. The game will be available on the 3DS.

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