A couple of months ago, the fine team at Tripwire Interactive had announced their plans to release their latest game, Killing Floor 2, on to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. Marking the first time that the game will be available outside the PC platform. Finally, the team released some gameplay footage of the game running on PlayStation 4.

Utilizing PlayStation 4 Pro’s native 4K capabilities, the video shows off the familiar gore-filled gameplay you can expect from Killing Floor 2. The PlayStation 4 Pro version of the game will provide increased texture resolutions and fps on 1080p TV screens. For 4K TV’s players can expect checkboard rendering, which will help bolster the rendering speeds.

Killing Floor 2 is a co-op first-person shooter where up to six players must team up together to take down waves of Zeds, who are mutants created from a failed experiment. Every wave of enemies start to stack up with several different enemy types, until the final wave, where the players must fight against a powerful boss. Between each wave, the shop opens up randomly on the map and dead players are revived. As players play the game, they can gain experience, which contributes to leveling up their selected class. Each class has perks that provide players the edge to dispatch harder levels.

Killing Floor 2 is slated for release on the the PlayStation 4 Pro on November 10th, the game will be officially released on PS4 and PC on November 18th. The PC version of the game is currently available on Early Access.

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