Following the announcement that Red Dead Redemption will be making its debut on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility this Friday, interest in the game skyrocketed. While not reflecting specific sales numbers, the store ranking of Red Dead Redemption on Amazon jumped a staggering 6000%.

red dead redemption amazon sales

Spotted by VG24/7, the increase appeared on the UK Amazon page. It’s important to note the percentage does not reflect direct sales, just the ranking of the game in Amazon’s library of games. That said, jumping from number 1082 on the list to number 17 is massive.

The 2010 sequel to Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption blended the classic Rockstar open-world genius with a wild-west setting. Every version of the game, including the basic version, the Game of the Year Edition, and even the Undead Nightmare DLC will all be available via backwards compatibility on July 8.

This all comes following multiple rumors of a possible third game in the series, with many hoping to see an announcement at E3 last month. Leaks from earlier this year not only point to the game being in development, but also that it might be a prequel. Regardless however, we still have no official details about the title.

As we learn more about the future of Red Dead Redemption and any other games in the series, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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