Red Dead Redemption will be officially playable on your Xbox One this Friday.

After months of waiting, Rockstar’s open world western shooter from last-generation is coming to the Xbox One via backwards compatibility at the end of this week.

Better yet, despite what version of the game you may have (Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare, or Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition), they will all be supported from day one.

However, if you never got around to playing or purchasing the game, you’re not out of luck. Rockstar has revealed that the game will be able to be purchased on Friday from the Xbox One store. No price or details were added.

Red Dead Redemption originally launched in 2010, but by adding it to the backwards compatibility program, Rockstar may reignite rumors that a sequel to the massively popular game is in the works.

While it was heavily speculated that the third game in the Red Dead series (Red Dead Revolver having come before Redemption) could show up at E3, the game failed to appear. However, leaks from earlier this year revealed that if such a game is in production and on its way, it seems likely to be a prequel to Redemption.

Source: Rockstar Newswire

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