Xbox head Phil Spencer has explained why there is a wait on some Xbox 360 games becoming available as backwards compatible titles.

On Twitter, Phil Spencer was asked if it would be possible to have some Square Enix titles that were on the Xbox 360 become backwards compatible. Spencer responded by stating: “Most of the work on BC at this point is approvals and just playing through the game to make sure it performs as expected.”

Three games were recently announced to be backwards compatible on the Xbox One. The three games are Burnout Paradise, Rayman Legends, and Pure. If any of the games are owned digitally (except for Pure, which is not available digitally), the titles can be downloaded to the player’s game library. If the games are owned physically, then they can be played using the disc.

Also announced recently was December’s Games with Gold lineup. On December 1st, Xbox One players will be able to receive Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. This edition of the game includes all of the DLC, and improves the graphics of the original version. Xbox 360 players will receive Outland, which will also be playable on the Xbox One due to it being a backwards compatible title. One December 16th, Xbox One players will  be able to play survival horror title Outlast, while Xbox 360 owners will receive Burnout Paradise, which will also be available on the Xbox One for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

A full list of backwards compatible titles can be seen here.

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