Along with the release of Ana and competitive play, Overwatch’s latest major update introduced players to new collectable Rare, Epic and Legendary skins for their favorite Heroes. Now, Game Director Jeff Kaplan has stated that Legendary and Epic skins are “coming soon.”

“We have Legendary and Epic skins coming soon,” according to Kaplan. “Rare’s will most likely be tied to new hero releases.”

Kaplan made his short comment in response to a question posed by a user on’s official Overwatch forum. The user simply asked whether or not upcoming skins would be limited to Legendaries, or if new Epics and Rares would be available soon as well.

Rare, Epic and Legendary skins are each color-coded in the Hero Gallery as blue, yellow and purple respectively. Rare skins are the most common and easiest to collect, with Epic being rarer and Legendary being the least frequent. All skins can also be purchased with in-game credits.

Around a month after the game’s initial release, Kaplan previously confirmed that new skins were coming this summer via another post.

“When do we get our first batch of new skins?” asked a user.

Kaplan’s response then was even shorter and more ambiguous. “This summer,” was all the game director had to say.

New Legendary and Epic skins sound exciting, but they aren’t the only thing that may soon be coming to Overwatch. Though there are no specific release dates, Kaplan and other developers teased they are working on four new maps and a brand new game mode. Only time will tell what Blizzard has in store for the Heroes of Overwatch. Until then, it might be nice to sit back and crack open some Lootcrates – you might even score one of the Legendaries that is already available.

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