The newest Xbox One update of Ark: Survival Evolved brings a number of changes, new ‘Extinction Event’ servers, new cave-dungeons, and 3 new creatures to the island.

The update includes all the content and patches released on the PC up through version 238. ‘Extinction Event’ servers reset each month and even include an in-game countdown. Meanwhile the new cave-dungeons are for the snow and swamp biomes.

As for the three new creatures, first is the Coelodonta, or the woolly rhino. Given enough room to charge, woolly rhinos can take down the biggest creatures in the game with only a single strike. While they can be hunted for their fur and horns, Studio Wildcard has made sure the woolly rhino would also be an excellent beast of burden.

Next is the Dunkleosteus, a large, heavily armored fish. Capable of defending its rider from just about any threat, they are an ideal tool for exploring the depths.

And finally, there are the Eurypterids. Dangerous and adaptable, they are lobster-like creatures that can’t be tamed. If killed however, there is a chance they will contain Silica Pearls, or the incredibly rare Black Pearls. For that reason alone they are some of the most valuable creatures in the game.

To see all the changes headed to the game, check out the full patch notes:

  • All PC content and fixes through PC v238 including new Cave-Dungeons for Snow and Swamp Biomes, new creatures: Woolly Rhino, Eurypterid, Dunkleosteus, etc.
  • All-New “Extinction Event” Servers, which reset after each month, with an in-game countdown! (these are additional brand NEW servers, not existing servers)
  • Improved game frame rate by approximately 10% (rendering & cpu)
  • Fixed Bug: Focus is now NOT on the Leave Tribe button when opening the Tribe Menu. Also added a Leave Tribe confirmation dialog
  • If you get stuck underground, you now teleport back above ground
  • Mammoth colorization fixed
  • Timer values that were resetting to 0 on “Reset Options” now reset to their correct value
  • Server administrators can now specify a list of administrator users to have access to the full set of administrator (console) commands, as on PC. Singleplayer/Non-Dedicated hosts always have this option. If you have administrator access, all PC console commands can now be inputted at the Pause Menu
  • Server Options now have edit boxes for inputting direct arbitrary values
  • Spyglass now works properly in splitscreen

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