It may surprise you to learn which characters in Overwatch get Play of the Game most often– and which get highlighted the least.

A thread on the forums titled “3 Characters you feel get play of the game the most” has been seeing a lot of activity since the most recent patch, and a quick swipe through the thread can be summed up in one name: Mercy. It seems her team-reviving Ultimate Ability has been getting her a disproportionate amount of POTG love– according to players, at least.

Surprisingly, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan responded to these allegations with the definitive rankings of who receives the most POTGs in both Quick and Competitive play:

Quick Play:
1. Bastion
2. Genji
3. Torbjorn

Bastion can team-wipe amateurs, Genji gets overused by amateurs and has a lethal melee Ult if people aren’t paying attention, and Torbjorn has a turret. Furthermore:


Competitive Play:
1. Mercy
2. McCree
3. Reaper

Mercy’s Ult has clearly been overrepresented, and McCree and Reaper both have Ults that can team-wipe even professionals, as well as the ability to quickly follow up with further kills.

Kaplan followed up these rankings by admitting, “Mercy is the only one that looks like she is getting an abnormal amount of POTG’s. We’ll look into her. The rest look normal relative to each other.” When pressed further about who gets the least POTG love, Kaplan went on, “Ana and Lucio. Getting cinematic POTG moments for those heroes is more challenging for us but we keep discussing it.” It seems their buffing Ults don’t have the same cinematic quality as others’ healing and attacking Ults.

As of this writing, Overwatch is free-to-play on console until September 12th.

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