While Avalanche Studios’ open-world mayhem action game isn’t coming out until December, the Xbox.com product page has revealed the file size of Just Cause 3 on Xbox One.

It’s no secret that current-gen game file sizes have increased exponentially compared to older leaner experiences. But while Just Cause 2, which came out in 2010, sported one of the largest sandboxes in gaming, an entire archipelago, its file size on the Xbox 360 came in at 4.06 GB. Comparing that to Just Cause 3’s official file size of 42.49 GB, more than ten times the size of a five year old game that was already quite massive.

For a modern AAA game release this size is about par for the course. But, we’ll see for ourselves if all of that data amounted to something good when it comes out in a little under two months. No official file sizes have been revealed for the PS4 or PC versions.

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