Designer Jonathan Blow has announced that The Witness will receive a patch to improve the visual quality of the game on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Depending on the player’s display device, the game will run at, varying, but higher resolutions. “When using PS4 Pro with a 4k display, we will render at 1440p or possibly higher, all while keeping a consistent 60 frames per second. This image will then be upscaled to 4k, and we will draw text, menus, and other UI at native 4k resolution,” Blow explains.

“When using PS4 Pro with a display that is 1080p or lower, we will render the scene at 1080p (instead of the old 900p), and increase anti-aliasing quality from 2x to 4x MSAA, again while keeping a solid 60 frames per second,” he continues.

Blow also explains his plans for The Witness to support HDR in an update. During Sony’s PlayStation Meeting, Blow says even he was surprised to hear all PS4s (via firmare update) will support HDR.

“We don’t know the technical details of how it will work, yet, but provided that nothing prevents us, the Witness patch will use HDR on all PS4s when available,” he says.

The PS4 Pro will release on November 10 this year.

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