If you take a quick glance at Metacritic you will likely notice that the new Hitman film has not been picking up the best of reviews.

It’s long-been common conception that movie adaptations of video game franchises are pretty underwhelming at the best of times, and it looks like Agent 47 has done little to fight that belief. Hitman: Agent 47 will begin showing in cinemas tomorrow, but so far the movie sits on an average rating of 29 on Metacritic with 14 out of 21 critics giving the film a score of 3/10 or less.

So if you were considering seeing the new Hitman film to put yourself in the mood for the upcoming game, you might want to think again. Or perhaps the fact that it is supposedly so bad is a good enough reason for some people to see just how bad it is? Mind you, I wouldn’t waste the money. Let’s hope the game is a little bit better.


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