Red Dead Revolver is now available for PS4 through the PSN Store.

Though the western-themed shooter was fairly well-received upon its release for PS2 in 2004, most gamers probably know it as the predecessor to 2010’s tremendously popular wagon-crashing simulator, Red Dead Redemption.

Both games were developed by Rockstar San Diego, a studio that, prior to the Red Dead Revolver’s release, was best known for the Midnight Club series of street racing games.

This PSN release comes several months after Red Dead Redemption went backwards compatible on Xbox One. Though it may simply be a coincidence, the reappearance of both games has the feel of a publisher building excitement for another release.

While Rockstar has not officially announced another Red Dead game, a NeoGAF user posted an in-game map earlier this spring that appeared to show territories from the Red Dead universe. The post was promptly removed, but TechRadar was able to confirm with an unnamed source that the map was legitimate. Based on this map, fans have speculated that the game will be a prequel to Red Dead Revolver, set in territory east of where James Marston’s last adventure took place.

Small bits of evidence suggesting the game was in production appeared following the map leak, but the trail has gone cold in recent months.

In the meantime, PS4 owners can check out the game that started it all, complete with newly-added trophies, for the price of $15.

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