Batman Arkham Knight introduces the threats and people you thought you knew, working together against you. The villains are teaming up; led by Scarecrow and his right-hand-man Arkham Knight, it’s up to you to save Gotham once again. With the city evacuated and a team that is combining everything that’s bad to take Batman down, it’s a question of whether or not the divided house of cards will stand.

‘At the beginning they do appear to be a united force,” Dax Ginn, the game’s marketing director, explains. ‘But then, as the game unfolds, you can see they’ve actually got agendas within the overall plan. They’re not as uniform a team as they would first appear.’


So basically, the game is based around people who survive and thrive on destruction, each in their own unique way, working together to take down Batman… They’ve got a totally solid plan, right? From what we’ve seen in the previous Arkham games, even if the rest of the villains manage to cooperate long enough without blowing each other up, the Joker’s complete method of chaos is surely going to rub the wrong way with Scarecrow’s structured values.

The most interesting aspect – given that this is still just another thing to add to the Batman franchise – is the new villain we know nothing about: Arkham Knight. You’re going to be on the same page as the Bat, knowing very little on how to deal with this guy. And you’ll be trying to get an angle on him all the while tackling the rest of the villains. His role provides its own intrigue… All of these villains we know to have quite formidable reputations, yet it’s the newbie that takes the seat right next to the boss? Tensions between the bad guys will be running high, I suspect.

‘But the game is massive. I can’t put a time on it, but it’s far and away the biggest game we’ve ever made.’

Villains and story aside, this is shaping up to be at least a beautiful looking game; it’s promised to keep you busy for more than a few hours, at least. Due to come out on June 23rd, we’ll soon find out if all Rocksteady’s hard work has been worth it.



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