Tripwire Interactive has announced that Killing Floor 2 has just gone gold on PlayStation 4. This means that the game is currently in a state that the developer feels is acceptable to be shipped out to the community. This news comes after the success of the game’s open beta on PlayStation 4, which took place earlier this month.

Tripwire Interactive also revealed the PC version of the game, which is currently in Early Access, has exceeded over one million units sold, making it one of the best selling titles ever to release on Steam Early Access. Both the PC and the console versions will be published by Deep Silver and Iceberg Interactive.

The game will even be receiving a PlayStation 4 Pro support. The game takes advantage of the consoles 4K capabilities to bring the bloody and fast placed gameplay of Killing Floor 2 to next generation consoles. This version of the game will also provide a significant bump to texture quality and framerate at normal resolutions as well. Tripwire has pulled out all the stops to make the franchise’s first venture outside of PC a spectacular one.

Killing Floor 2 is scheduled to release for PlayStation 4, and PC on November 18th.

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